What’s the best flip-flop for your feet?

So you’ve decided to join us for the fifth annual Flip Flop Walk for Autism Awareness on Saturday, Sept. 22 … now what? What’s the best flip-flop for your feet? BestReviewGuides.com serves its Top 10 best flip-flops for men and women —-> http://bestreviewsguides.com/best-flip-flops-for-men-women. Or you could get more suggestions here —-> https://fave.co/2OxI5iQ. BTW, you don’t HAVE to wear flip-flops if you don’t want to; you can wear your favorite walking shoes and dress up with flip-flops on your hands, feet, back, etc. (Your back?!) No matter what, we hope you’ll participate in this great event. Click here to register.